School Shoes with Indestructible Guarantee – Treads Shoes Review

If you have school-going children, you know the pain that comes with their school shoes every year! The new shiny pair of shoes they are wearing when they are skipping off into a new year after each summer doesn’t last long. After the first few weeks of term, the first scruff marks turn into tears and the soles are already wearing thin. How is that even possible?

In the past, it didn’t matter where I bought my children’s school shoes or how much I paid for them. I always had to replace them at midterm or after Christmas. So when we got the chance to test and review a pair of Treads School Shoes, that comes with a 12 months indestructible guarantee we were instantly intrigued. After all indestructible school shoes are exactly what we were after. Let’s see if they do what it says on the box!

Treads shoes review

Treads School Shoes with Dual Fit: Size Matters!

Before we could open said box, we had to select the right size for my son. Since our children are spending a lot of time wearing their school shoes, a good and comfortable fit is vital. I was always a believer in getting their feet measured and buying shoes that really fit their feet. Ordering shoes online seemed challenging from that point of few. However, Treads Shoes have a very handy measuring at home print out available on their website.

With the printed measurement tape & board you take measurements of both feet and simply enter them in the size calculator on their website and voila: You get the perfect size for your kid!

But that is not all! The shoes also have a so-called Dual Fit System. This lets you adjust the width of the shoe by removing the footbed underneath the insole cover. If your little ones usually need a narrow fit, leave the footbed in; if your kids normally wear a wider fit, just take it out.

School Shoes Treads shoes with dual size system

School Shoes from Treads: What’s in the Box?

I can’t say that I have ever seen my oldest to be so excited about a box of shoes and especially school shoes! However, as soon as they arrived he showed a real interest and couldn’t wait to get the box opened. They were shipped in their cardboard box, which was surrounded by shrink-wrap. So while there was some plastic packaging it was minimal. Shipping to Ireland from their UK base only took a few days and is available at a flat rate of £2.50.

Treads shoes UK introduction leaflet

To keep things simple when putting shoes on and taking them off, we have ordered the London model as it is one of their models with velcro closing. My son also really liked the look of it. The shoes were wrapped in paper and each had a little sleeve around the front with details about the Dual Fit System. Also included were two booklets with information about the shoes and the 12 months quality guarantee!

Treads Shoes Indestrucible Guarantee

As mentioned above, Treads Shoes is promising such a high quality that they are giving every pair a 12-month indestructible guarantee. It begs the question, what exactly makes these school shoes so robust? The key is in the manufacturing process. Instead of stitching or gluing the upper part of the shoe to the sole; Treads are using a method called “Strobel”. This means the shoe is placed in a mould and the sole is then injected around it. This creates one unit, without any weak points!

School Shoe Treads inside layer dual size system

In addition to that many parts of the shoes, like the heal or the leather seams on top are reinforced to make them more durable. For extra comfort, Treads have added a shock-absorbent layer as well as a reinforced cellulose layer to prevent sweaty feet. They also promise to be low maintenance shoes that hardly scuff and are easy to wipe clean.

Treads School Shoes: A First Test!

We obviously just received our Treads school shoes and the new school year hasn’t even started yet. However, we were able to give them a first quick test to see how they feel and perform during a normal summer day. According to my son, they are super comfy and I can attest for the non-sweaty feet and wipe clean part after wearing them. Another big plus is that the leather outer layer is entirely waterproof while still allowing the foot to breathe. In my opinion that is a must, if a shoe is worn for a prolonged time.

Even though he has worn his Treads shoes out in the garden and in the forest, they still look like new. With a price of £45 (approx €49) they are comparable to many high street brands! Add to that the fact, that they won’t have to be replaced and you probably end up saving money.

school shoes review treads shoes test

So while I can’t yet comment on their performance over the course of an entire school year, I am more than confident that they are up for the job and in fact do what it says on the box!

I will update this post throughout the school year to give an accurate picture of how Treads school shoes look after a few months of wear!

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For the purpose of an honest review, we have received a pair of Treads shoes free of charge. This has in no way influenced our opinion of the product.


  1. smiavs
    March 29, 2021 / 7:31 pm

    How are they holding up?

    • May 11, 2021 / 10:06 am

      Hello there, I am so sorry, your comment has gotten lost which is why I am only replying now. They have been holding up great so far. However, due to restrictions around the pandemic, the kids haven’t been in school as much as they usually would have, so I haven’t updated the post yet, since the shoes haven’t had to put up with the usual wear and tear. They still fit him though, so I will see how he gets on. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions. All the best, Nadja

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