Yoto vs Yoto Mini – Which One is Right for You?

Do you like the idea of a Yoto Player for your child but are unsure of which player is the right one for you? The Yoto Mini has been added as a smaller and more portable little brother of the Original Yoto Player. Let’s see what it can and can’t do and how it compares to the Yoto Player. There are a few key differences that will help you find the perfect player for you and your family? Yoto vs Yoto Mini: Let’s look at the facts!

Yoto Mini Review: What is the little one all about?

The Original Yoto Player was already a portable and safely accessible audio player for children, so why bring out another? The aim with the Yoto Mini was to offer a smaller and even more portable option, while still containing all the intuitive and connective features of the Original.

So in essence, with the Yoto Mini you still have access to everything in the Yotoverse (Yoto Radio, Card Store, and Podcasts). And even though it was designed with private listening via headphones in mind, it can still be used as a Bluetooth speaker. Even the available accessories match the bits and pieces you know and love from the Yoto Original. This begs the question: Are there any differences at all? The short answer is: There definitely are. Let’s compare them side by side!

Yoto vs Yoto Mini: Looks, Design & Controls

Girl listening to Yoto Mini Player and jumping with joy

The Yoto Mini is smaller and lighter than its big brother. Where the Original Player measures 11 x 11 x 10.5 cm the Mini has been shaved down to 7 x 7 x 4 cm. It doesn’t sound like much but makes a big difference when handling the players. And even more so when travelling, as it takes up a lot less room in your child’s backpack or your own handbag.

Just like the Original Player, the Yoto Mini also offers two orange controls. The Original Yoto sports two knobs on either side of the card slot. The Mini works with two dials. The workings of these controls can be customised in the app. Apart from the size of the player, the biggest physical change from the Original to the Mini is the display. The Original comes with a large pixel display that kind of shines through the outer shell and is not visible when the player is switched off. The Yoto Mini’s display looks like a recognisable display, even when switched off, and its colours and shapes are more vivid. Like the Original, the Mini displays content-related pictures when playing audio or the time when on standby.

Yoto Mini or Yoto Player: Battery Life & Charging

The smaller size of the Yoto Mini doesn’t mean a decrease in battery life. On the contrary, its battery lasts up to 20 hours – that has doubled from the Original Yoto Player! It also charges with a conventional USB-C cable rather than a special charger plug, like the magnetic charging station for the Original. So even when you lose your charger, chances are you already have another USB-C cable at home.

Important to note: The Yoto Mini box just includes the cable NOT the plug!

What is also surprising is: The Mini seems to charge a lot faster than the Original. That is a big plus for a player aimed for out and about. You are running out the door and the battery is nearly dead. Plug it in for a few minutes and it’ll keep you going for a little while!

Yoto vs Yoto Mini the difference in size and features.

Features & Sound

Just like its big brother the Mini comes with tonnes of audio fun. Listen to audio through a Yoto Card available at the Card Store. The cards are universal and work for both players. So any cards you may already own with your Original Player will work with the Mini.

The daily podcast (Yoto Daily), Yoto Radio and any third-party podcast available on the Yoto App also work on the Yoto Mini. And thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity you can listen to any audio files, Spotify, Audible etc on the Mini via your phone.

Even though the Yoto Mini was designed with portability and private listening in mind (thanks headphone jack!) it comes with a decent speaker. The volume level doesn’t quite reach the maximum volume of the Original Player. However, the sound quality is far superior in my opinion. There is a lot more depth to the sound. So personally, I prefer to listen to music on the Yoto Mini.

The only feature the Yoto Mini is missing compared to the Original Player is the nightlight.

Yoto Player vs Yoto Mini what is the difference?

Yoto vs Yoto Mini: Price

The Yoto Mini costs €69.99/£59.99 and you can save a few euros/pounds when you add accessories to your initial order. For the Original Yoto Player you pay €99.99/£89.99 and again, when ordering the starter pack you will be able to avail of a small discount on accessories. Of the accessories available for both players I believe the one that is an absolute must-have is the Adventure Jacket. This rubber ‘jacket’ protects the player from falls and scuffs. Whether the travel case, headphones and card storage options are for you depends on your individual needs and wants.

Since the cards are interchangeable, there is no difference in price. Prices for basic cards start at €3.99/£2.99. To get Yoto Card discounts, I recommend keeping an eye on offers and promotions and maybe signing up to the Yoto newsletter.

Yoto Mini and Yoto Player which one is better

Yoto Mini: Who is it for?

So, on to the Yoto vs Yoto Mini verdict. Is the Yoto Mini the right audio player for you and your family? If you are looking for an audio player for on-the-go, then the Yoto Mini is definitely the best choice for you! However, if you plan on using your new audio player primarily at home and want it to look nice and substantial in a cupboard or a shelf, then the Original Yoto Player is perfect!

Key Features of the Mini:

  • Small and light (7 x 7 x 4 cm)
  • Same access to podcasts and radio as the Original Yoto Player
  • Yoto Cards are interchangeable between both players
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Up to 20 hours of battery life
  • Great sound quality
  • Competitive price
  • NO nightlight feature

If you have any more questions, please leave a comment here or send me an email nadja@labellessmum.com and I’ll be happy to help!


Does Yoto Mini work without WiFi?

The Yoto Mini works without WiFi, as long as it got a chance to connect to WiFi to download any new content.

Does Yoto Mini have a night light?

The Yoto Mini doesn’t have a night light. This is one of the few major differences between the Yoto and the Yoto Mini.

Can you play Spotify through Yoto?

You can play Spotify through Yoto and Yoto Mini, however, this is only possible via your phone while using the player as a Bluetooth speaker.

Does Yoto Mini play radio?

Yoto Mini plays radio, as you have access to Yoto Radio and all the podcasts you would know from the Original Yoto.

Is Yoto Mini better than Yoto Player?

The Yoto Mini is better than the Yoto Player, when you are looking to use it primarily out and about. The Original Player is the better option for inside your home.

Do Yoto Cards work with the Yoto Mini?

All Yoto Cards work with the Yoto Mini and the Original Yoto Player. They are completely interchangeable.

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